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Recycle Building Materials

Plumbers and plumbing companies come into contact with all types of recyclable building materials each day that can be sold to scrap yards. If you are a plumber who is not recycling scrap copper and scrap brass, you may want to start by collecting old copper tubing, hot water heaters and brass fittings. You will be amazed at how fast these items can accumulate if you have a busy plumbing company.

Copper Tubing

Plumbers replace all sorts of copper tubing lines in homes and commercial properties each day. Fortunately for plumbers, copper is a highly sought after scrap material that can be sold to scrap yards. I Buy Scrap Metal Recycling purchases both number one copper tubing and number two copper tubing from plumbers, plumbing contractors and plumbing companies daily.

Hot Water Heaters

Plumbing companies are called out to homes and commercial properties every day to replace hot water heaters. Hot water heaters are primarily made up of steel, foam and insulation and are highly visible in scrap yards across the United States due to the shear number of them that break down each day. I Buy Scrap Metal Recycling purchases scrap water heaters of all sizes. We buy small 40 gallon scrap hot water heaters all the way up to scrap commercial water heaters that are 100 gallons or more.

Brass Fittings

Plumbers also come across many different sized brass fittings. I Buy Scrap Metal Recycling will purchase all types of scrap red brass and scrap yellow brass fittings from all plumbers and plumbing companies in Arizona.

All across the valley plumbers can recycling building materials they find on the job by contact us directly by: Phone 480-280-9000